Revealing the immaterial

Empreintes plays with the space between private and public space. It invites visitors to go through the matter, to reflect themselves in it, to transcend it.

Gesture studies

Through the tracking of their hands in motion, visitors create shapes in space. These marks evolve and warp as time goes by.

Anthropométrie de l'époque bleue (ANT 82) , Yves Klein, 1960

Anthropométrie de l'époque bleue (ANT 82), Yves Klein, 1960

Yves Klein in the Void Room ,  Charles Wilp,  1961

Yves Klein in the Void Room, Charles Wilp, 1961

Yves Klein , Charles Wilp, 1961

Yves Klein, Charles Wilp, 1961

Yves Klein, transfiguring the real

With the Anthropometry paintings, Yves Klein reveals the immaterial qualities of the void, by making imprints of participants bodies.

Anthropometry is the study of human proportions, and by systematically directing the “living paint brushes” Klein believed his art was the most concentrated expression of vital energy imaginable. The prints are on the boundary between the figurative and the abstract.